This New SECRET Tool in Lightroom Will SAVE You Hours of Editing (VIDEO)

With every new update of Adobe's Lightroom comes a host of new editing tools, some good, some less important, and some secret. Well, not exactly secret secret but more like hidden or overlooked or buried and easy to miss.

And that's a shame because many of these "secret" Lightroom tools can speed up the editing process dramatically. Photographer Pierre T. Lambert has discovered one such "hidden" tool in the latest edition of Lightroom and says it has saved him hours of editing time.

"We've got something absolutely insane," Lambert says in the video below. "We've got a few secrets that dropped in Lightroom and allow me to edit photos that would take me a few minutes in the past but in just seconds now. Now it's not presets; it's edits that I would do locally that would take a lot of time and in just a few seconds, boom, we can do it. You almost don't need Photoshop anymore."

Lambert starts discussing and demonstrating the new tool he's so excited about at around the 1-minute mark in the video, saying it's a great alternative to time-consuming brushing in both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

"What do I usually do when I edit my photos? I usually apply the presets and then I do a few local adjustments," he explains. "Now instead of having to brush and try to hope the brush gets it right but sometimes you go over or whatever. Now, instead of doing that I can simply press the Select Subject tool. And it's completely new and works differently. It automatically detects your subject."

Watch the video to see how quickly the new Select Subject tool in Lightroom works vs the various brushes you had to use in the past. Then try it out for yourself in the latest version of Lightroom to save time with your edits today.