New Digital Virtual Backgrounds Projectors

Virtual Backgrounds LLC has announced the introduction of their new digital projected virtual background system using digital files instead of film based slides to create backgrounds for use by photographers and videographers. The new digital system is available in two versions, the VB Express Digital and the VB Optima Digital.

With the new digital system, photographers can capture their own backgrounds using their DSLR camera or most any other digital capture device including smart phones and immediately project the captured background for use with actual subjects. Commonly available software including Photoshop can be used to modify the background in various ways including color balance, saturation, focus, brightness, etc. The photographer will drive the projector with their own preferred respective device such as an IPad; which will enable the photographer to change the proportional size of the background and position the background precisely behind the subject.

A digital based background projector enables the photographer and videographer to immediately project a captured background that may be customized for a particular subject at zero cost. Slide film based projectors required the making of a film transparency for projection, which could have taken a week or more.

The new digital projectors are used with standard ultra reflective projection screens fabricated by Virtual Backgrounds. For those who already own a virtual background system, the new digital components are available as an upgrade kit to be added to many previously manufactured projectors produced and sold byVirtual Backgrounds. The photographer would then have the opportunity to use slides or digital files by simply changing the associated components. New customers will have the opportunity to purchase a combo system which includes both features, slide projection and digital projection.

Virtual Backgrounds is a process whereby a special projector is attached to the photographer’s camera to project an infinite variety of backgrounds on to a special retro-reflective screen which comes in sizes from 4 x 6 feet to 10 x 12 feet. Unlike green screen where the photographer has to shoot subjects in front of a green background and then paste in backgrounds later, the projected background photographer sees the subject and background live in the camera or on an attached monitor and cancompose the image as they wish. Both the subject and the background are captured simultaneously and are available for instant showing to the customer. There is no post processing necessary and none of the common issues that are part of green screen.

Virtual Backgrounds LLC President, Dr. Henry Oles, stated “This new digital development will enable the professional photographer to be farmore creative, providing the subject with a unique experience and array of choices which will further separate the professional from amateurs and evenother professionals.” Dr. Oles is the author of several books including Background Power!, The Professional Photographer’s Perfect Storm and How To Make Money With Virtual Backgrounds all of which are available in free PDF downloads from the company’s web site.

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