Metz 54 AF-1 Digital Flash

The Metz 54 AF-1 can be used for either digital or analog photography. It is specifically designed to operate with the newest Canon, Konica, Minolta and Nikon models. Special functions include a user-friendly interface with only two function keys for straightforward menu control. Its features include short recycling times (approximately 5 seconds in manual mode ), TTL auto-zooming; manual, selectable partial light output levels; plus special functions such as daylight fill-in flash. The large LCD display incorporates convenient backlight illumination and only displays the pertinent mode information.

The unit uses four AA batteries (Alkaline, NiMh, NiCD) and mounts onto the camera's hot shoe. The camera and flash work together to set the ISO, read the zoom position, and ultimately, the exposure. The new AF models also supports rear curtain synchronization (when present in the camera), which is important for controlling blurring effects of action shots, along with the ability to manually set the zoom setting for non-auto-zooming lenses.

Metz flash products are distributed in the US exclusively by Bogen Imaging.