MACRO Winter Wonderland Photos: Here’s How (VIDEO)

When most photographers think of macro photography the first things that comes to mind are the balmy days of spring, and the warmth of summer. During those times interesting subjects abound, from budding plants and blooming flowers to colorful insects and other creepy-crawlies just about everywhere you look.

But guess what? The beauty of winter offers equally compelling opportunities for enchanting macro photographs, and the images you shoot will have a very different look from those you make during other seasons. So if your trusty macro lens is already stashed in the back of your photo cabinet, it’ time to pull it out and watch the video below.

This episode from the Another Perspective YouTube channel is a three-minute video tutorial without dialogue. All you have to do is pull up a chair and enjoy. And as the name of the site suggests, you’ll pick up some great tips for making images that stand out from the rest.

You’ll watch German photographer Jens Heidler work his magic on a cold and crispy day. He says, “When the temperature drops below freezing, it’s time to grab your camera and macro lens to explore snow, ice crystals, and even frozen snow bubbles.

By watching Heidler at work you’ll pick up great ideas for interesting subjects, and see the exposure settings he uses. He considers composition critical for this type of photography, and the manner in which he shoots from different perspectives is one reason his images are so striking.

Heidler provides links to the gear he uses in the description beneath the video—everything from cameras and lenses to important photo accessories. You also see the gloves he prefers for shooting outdoors in frigid weather.

There’s much more to see on Heidler’s instructional YouTube channel, so be sure to pay a visit.

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