Is This Lightroom’s Coolest New Feature?

Adobe is constantly adding new features to Lightroom so it’s easy to miss some of the coolest fresh stuff. That’s why we like to highlight cool new Lightroom tools that you may have missed.

Photographer and popular YouTuber Peter McKinnon this week posted a video sharing what he calls “the new Lightroom feature everyone has been waiting for.” In his “2-Minute Tuesday” clip below, McKinnon gives you the quick lowdown on what this handy tool is all about.

“Today we’re talking about Lightroom’s new update that I wish they did when they started the software,” he says. “This particular update adds the Intensity Slider that gives you the option to dial back a preset’s intensity or add to a preset’s intensity. You might already know about this, or you might not. I just updated my Lightroom this morning and thought: ‘This is great. I’ve got to share this in case other people don’t know.’”

The Intensity Slider in Lightroom is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is go to the particular preset you want to tweak, click on it, and the Intensity Amount Slider will pop up. Move the slider to the left and you will dial back the intensity of the preset and move it to the right to increase the intensity of the effect.

“I can add a little bit more sauce there if I want it to be more punchy and why not?” he explains. “Let’s make that red a little bit more red bullish. And that is literally it. Any preset you apply, when you click it now, has the slider amount on it. If you just leave it where it is, that’s 100% or you can choose to add or take away.”

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