Intro to Focus Stacking: An Easy Way to Get Super Sharp Images (VIDEO)

One of the most common questions pro photographer Mark Denney gets from students at his landscape photography workshops is regarding focus stacking. If you've been curious about focus stacking but don't know where to begin, check out Denney's tutorial video below on "Focus Stacking Made Easy."

While Denney's shares his simple method for focus stacking, he actually has a confession about the process. He rarely does it!

Find out why and learn how you can more easily focus stack your photos to blend them into one super sharp image in the video below. Or, after watching the video, you might choose not to focus stack at all after you listen to Denney's talk.

"In this week’s episode, we discuss focus stacking made easy and why I rarely do it," Denney says.

"I recently gave a talk in Oregon all about Focus Stacking which made me realize that the videos I've made on the topic in the past didn't review the entire process from start to finish. And I wanted to make a more simplified and comprehensive video that went over the on-location process of creating the focus stacked images to the step by step process of editing and blending the final images into one. In this video, I review the entire process from beginning to end in hopes that this video can serve as a full tutorial on Focus Stacking along with my reasoning as to why I rarely use this technique any longer."