Ilford XP2 SUPER Film Is Not Being Discontinued, Company Says

Ilford Photo recently confirmed reports that there are no plans to discontinue production of their XP2 SUPER film. The product is in free supply globally from Ilford Photo distributors and retailers. XP2 SUPER is a professional grade (ISO 400/27˚) black-and-white film noted for its fine grain, excellent print quality and C41 processing convenience. It is available in 35mm and 120 formats as well as a 35mm single use camera.

Similar to Kodak’s BW400CN film, it offers sharp crisp images with super-fine grain characteristics and a wide exposure latitude that makes exposure easy even under less than ideal conditions. XP2 SUPER film can be used as EI 50-800 ASA without adjustment to processing and since it is a dye based negative it is suited to scanning and is compatible with digital ICE technology.

More info on Ilford XP2 SUPER film here.