How to Shoot Boudoir and Swimwear Photos with a Medium Format Camera (VIDEO)

Los Angeles-based boudoir photographer Michael Sasser recently started shooting with a Fujifilm GFX 50R, a 51.4MP medium format camera in a compact, rangefinder-style body. This is unusual for Sasser since he typically shoots with Sony full frame mirrorless cameras.

In the below video he shares his experiences with using a medium format camera for boudoir and swimwear while giving an in-the-field review of the Fujifilm GFX 50R.

"The GFX has helped my photography be more creative, slowed me down and those are all things that I need in my business right now," Sasser says. "Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forward. I'll have to keep my Sony for video and for times when I need a faster camera, but I have used the GFX almost exclusively since I've picked it up."

Check out the video, which was shot on location in Bali, and watch as Sasser gives the pros and cons of shooting boudoir and swimwear exclusively with medium format.

"The main reason I bought this is for its bigger sensor," he explains. "A lot of people ask me, well, it's 50 megapixels, why didn't you just get the Sony A7R IV since that has even more megapixels? It's because megapixels aren't really what I need. I definitely don't need more than 24 megapixels. What I wanted was the bigger sensor, something drastically different from what I currently shoot with, something that will give me a different looking image."

After you watch the tutorial, go visit Sasser's YouTube channel for more great videos.