Here's a Great Introduction to the Basics of Macro Photography (VIDEO)

If you want to learn the basics of macro photography, there's no better place to start than the below video. Called, appropriately, "An Introduction to Macro Photography," the tutorial is led by photographer Neil Fisher and shot on location in British Columbia, Canada.

"Macro photography allows you to explore and share worlds you never knew existed - however, it’s often viewed as complicated and a bit overwhelming," Fisher says. "But, macro photography doesn’t need to be so daunting and it can really be quite a lot of fun - in this video I’ll cover the basics so that you can get outside and start enjoying macro photography."

Check the video out below where Fisher covers the basics of shooting close-up macro images of insects, amphibians, reptiles, flowers, plants and other tiny inhabitants and elements of the world. While the free tutorial is over 20 minutes long, Fisher gives clear, helpful explanations of all the terminology, gear, and techniques you'll need to capture stunning macro shots of your own.

After you watch the below clip, go visit Fisher's YouTube channel for more great photography tutorials.  If you want to learn more about macro photography, check out this video on 5 Cool Macro Photography Hacks You Can Try at Home.