Here’s How to Turn Your Old Film Slides into Digital Images with the Nikon ES-2 Digitizing Adapter (VIDEO)

One of the products that flew under the radar when Nikon introduced the now widely acclaimed D850 DSLR about a year ago was the Nikon ES-2 Digitizing Adapter ($150), which works in concert with the D850 to turn 35mm slides and negatives into digital images. We haven’t gotten a chance to try it ourselves, but photographer David Flores has, and in the below video he gives you a step-by-step demonstration of how it works.

In the video he discusses some of the techniques he employs while using the Nikon ES-2 to help produce the best quality digital images from each slide, including shooting in the Raw format, using a compact lens, lighting your slides with an LED, enabling autofocus and more.

Flores was motivated to try out the Nikon ES-2 and D850 combo when he discovered boxes and boxes of old slides from the 1960s to mid-1970s in the office of his family’s home. Flores, who works with B&H Photo, decided try out the Nikon digitizer by converting his priceless family slides into digital files.

Watch below as he takes you through the process, including using some handy tools such as the D850’s negative conversion mode, which automatically turns a negative into a positive image. You can watch more great photography videos on B&H Photo’s YouTube channel, including this video where Flores tests out the new 125x Nikon P1000 superzoom camera