Flashpoint 3Pod Tripods

Adorama recently announced the launch of its brand new 3Pod camera support line from Flashpoint. An in-house brand developed by Adorama, 3Pod is a comprehensive tripod product line featuring convertible tripod/monopod systems, ball heads, quick release plates, video tripods, and tripods for tabletop and travel photography. Born out of the goal to create a stable, economical and highly portable camera support system, every 3Pod tripod features a carefully crafted design. The competitively priced line featurestripod systems for nearly every skill set and use, from professional tripodsystems built to withstand the rigors of daily travel and use to simple-to-use consumer models. All 3Pod tripods are sold with a padded carrying case, mini toolkit, instruction manual and three-year warranty.

3Pod Convertible Tripod/Monopod Systems
Adorama’s 3Pod line offers four convertible tripod/monopods models constructed of CNC-forged carbon fiber, featuring removable, dual-sectioned center columns that can be used solely as monopods. The metal-jacketed twist locks on the foldable legs offer advanced wear protection, while outdoor-ready spiked feet are revealed under removable rubber grip covers. Tripod/monopod convertible 3Pod models include the P4CFC, P4CFH, P5RH and PFCFH.

Specialty 3Pod Tripod Systems
Tough yet lightweight aluminum construction and anodized blue accents contribute to both the stunning appearance and superior wear-resistant finish of the 3Pod P5ARH reversible travel tripod. The legs feature 180-degrees of motion, folding up around the center column for a compact traveling height of just 14.5 inches, but fullyextended, the tripod can reach a height of 54.5 inches. A highly portable three pounds, the P5ARH tripod features a convenient, retractable weight hook to provide additional stability as well as a place to hang accessories. Each four-sectioned telescoping leg has three position settings and can be locked in place for use in the most uneven terrain, and the double-jacketed twist locks are designed with a cutting-edge, wear-resistant internal structure making them immune to dust, moisture, changes in temperature and the gradual loosening over time that can occur with inferior locking mechanisms.

3Pod Ball Heads
The 3Pod H1 Ball Head sports an attractive anodized wear-resistant finish and works with a wide variety of photo and video tripods and monopods. A universal mounting pin in the ball head’s 1/4-inch standard clamping quick release plate lets shooters attach most camera types with minimal adjustment required. In line with all of 3Pods’s signature ball head offerings, the H1 employs state-of-the-art hydraulic damping for flawlessly smooth movement and jitter-free panning.