Fix These 4 BAD HABITS to Improve Your Landscape Photography (VIDEO)

Bad habits can ruin you landscape photography and if you want to get better sometimes it's just a case of changing your behavior. Landscape photographer Mark Denney knows a lot about fixing bad habits in order to capture winning images. He admits he's been dealing with them since he started in photography.

"We all have them, some good, some bad, but we all develop habits over time that shape how we do things," Denney says. "And a couple of years ago I created a video all about the worst habits in landscape photography, but I never made a follow-up video discussing the best habits I developed that improved my landscape photography the most. "

In his new video below, Denney discusses the good habits he's created over the years that have had "the most positive and impactful impact" on his landscape photography.

"These four habits range from on-location techniques to the way I go about editing my final photos, and even how I decide which lens to use for a given location," he says. "I hope you enjoy this week's video, and my hope is that you'll be able to come away with at least one helpful piece of information that you can apply to your photography moving forward."

After you watch the video, go check out (and subscribe) to Denney's awesome YouTube channel to get all his landscape photography tips, tricks and tutorials including this video on how to add pop to your photos by boosting contrast.