Easy E-Mail With Win-XP

For those of you who have Adobe's Photoshop installed on your computer, I'm sure that you know all about re-sizing pictures down and converting them to JPEG before attaching them to an e-mail.

This short tip is for everyone else.

Microsoft Windows XP has made the job very easy. All you need is to be using the Win-XP operating system and the Microsoft Outlook Express E-mail browser. If you have those two items, go to Start>Explorer. Then, in Explorer, find the picture that you want to send by e-mail. When you have found it, right click on it and you'll get a fly-out menu #1.


From the fly-out menu select Send To, and then select Mail Recipient. When you do that a new, little dialog window will open up #2. Select Make All My Pictures Smaller, and then select Small or Medium or Large. I usually select Small. After that click on OK, which will cause your Outlook Express browser to open, followed by a new e-mail message being automatically opened for you. The picture that you want to send will automatically be re-sized and attached to the outgoing e-mail. All you have to do is put the person's e-mail address in place and write a short message to them.


Now, what could be easier?

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