"Day With The Whales" Workshop In Hawaii

World-class nature / wildlife photographer Scott Mead will conduct his annual "Day with the Whales" workshop on the island of Maui, Hawaii on March 3. The one-day workshop begins with classroom instruction where attendees will learn how to properly setup and protect their camera gear for the prevailing conditions on the water, gain some insight to the history of whaling in Hawaii, and learn a series of tips and tricks for capturing amazing images of these magnificent creatures. Last year, workshop attendees encountered a female with her calf, and a competition pod of no less than 13 whales. Photographers can register for the workshop here. The total cost of the workshop is $250.

A Master at the use and manipulation of light, Scott Mead carefully selects his subjects and locations to optimize the ever-changing luminosity and atmospheric conditions the Hawaiian Islands present. Tempered by patience and uncanny timing, his images depict an intense variation of light, fluidity, and motion to capture the pure essence and "mana" of Hawaii through his lens.

Mead's award-winning style of photography is particularly suited for the four forms of media on which his images are printed: a metallic-coated photographic paper, dye-infused aluminum, sugar cane paper and rag canvas. Workshop attendees will have an opportunity to print their best image of the day onto a beautiful Breathing Color canvas, transforming a great photograph into an amazing work of art.

"This is one of my favorite workshops of the year," explains Scott Mead. "It gives me an opportunity to share many of the tips and techniques I've learned over the years while capturing one of the most beautiful animals and picture-perfect landscapes in the world. Everyone walks away with a greater appreciation of the nature around them, and a greater appreciation for their abilities as photographers."

Registration for Mead's "Day with the Whales " workshop is now open, but seating and availability is limited.