A Case for Two Cameras

I’m fortunate enough to own a matching pair of Ricoh GRD IV cameras. Ricoh GR cameras are prized by a small but loyal group of serious photographers who appreciate the fully customizable feature set and excellent image quality. They have 28mm f1.9 lenses, not the widest or fastest by any stretch. These are fixed, prime lenses—not zooms. The camera bodies are small and made of a magnesium alloy that makes them featherlite to carry. And they shoot RAW (DNG) files, a rare quality for a tiny camera. .

Like some later Olympus cameras, including the superlative OM-D EM-5, the Ricoh GRD can bracket creative effects, shooting a single exposure and processing the image three different ways. I keep one GRD set to bracket three different color settings, and the other to shoot one “Standard” color and two different monochromes. I find it faster to switch cameras than to change settings. .

Although camera number two is set for black and white, I have it set to begin the three-shot bracket with a normal color image. I never want to be in the position of kicking myself for shooting something in mono and later wishing I had the color version. .

So that I can tell at a quick glance which camera is set for color bracketing and which for mono, I take advantage of one of Ricoh’s oft overlooked features: you can attach a wrist strap to either side, just like every other camera, and you can attach one at the bottom of the right hand side. Normally you would use the lower attachment point if you were using a neckstrap and wanted to carry the camera vertically. Without even thinking (which is how I often find myself) I know that the camera that has the strap attached at the bottom is set up to shoot in black and white.

I carry one Ricoh GRD in a Manfrotto Stile Nano case. I like this case because it has a very large, secure belt loop and a flap that fully covers the camera, but is still quick to open. The other camera is in my hand, pants pocket or gadget bag. It may not be the most elegant system, but it’s working for me.

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