Bowens, PocketWizard & Sekonic Tech Alliance

In a joint announcement, Bowens, PocketWizard and Sekonic have aligned to create a complete wireless triggering solution for electronic flashes that will be first introduced in the U.S. market. Now most Bowens Gemini monolights will accept an optional PocketWizard module, which enables photographers to wirelessly trigger their flash with industry-standard, and widely used PocketWizard radios and Sekonic light meters.

Compatible components within the system are Bowens Gemini 500R, 500Pro, 750Pro, 1000Pro & 1500Pro series of monolights with PocketWizard module, all existing PocketWizard radio’s and today’s Sekonic L-478DR and L-758DR exposure meters. In addition, other (earlier) Sekonic meters can be used with an optional PocketWizard transmitter. All take advantage of PocketWizard 32 channels and 4-zone system.

Bowens USA President, Jan Lederman, brought the three technology leaders together to create a powerful alliance for the photographic flash market. When asked what prompted this he responded, “With the rapid advancement of photographic technology in our digital world, it is a natural evolutionary step to marrythese technologies. Our goal is to provide a complete wireless environment in which photographers have greater and more accurate control of lighting in amore effortless way.”

To commemorate the alliance, PocketWizard is introducing a new Plus III Transceiver in the “Bowens’ signature yellow” color.

Pricing and Availability
Bowens products are available for purchase and rent from a growing list of specialty camera and video retailers as well as rental houses across the United States.