6 Pro IN-CAMERA Tips for Better Travel & Nature Photography (VIDEO)

This morning we posted a straightforward Lightroom tutorial explaining how easy it is to use Lightroom Masks for landscape photos with maximum impact. Now it's time for six pro tips that will enable you to get the job done in the camera.

Remontheroad (think Remi on the Road) is a new YouTube channel devoted to helping outdoor photographers shoot better travel and landscape images. And while there's no magical recipe for capturing perfect photos under all conditions, French pro Remi Bergougroux always has some great advice.

Bergougroux has been passionate about photography ever since receiving his first camera at the age of 10, and he's generous about sharing the secrets to his success now that he's a working pro. In this episode he provides six basic tips that he says will "instantly improve your landscape photography" near home or on the road.

This lesson is intended for photographers of all skill levels, with Bergougroux explaining why "beginners tend to miss what's important," while advanced photographers "sometimes get stuck in a routine." In other words, there are ways for all of us to take our outdoor photography to the next level.

The video kicks off with some useful inspiration, and a bit of self-reflection and caution as Bergougroux uses his imagery to illustrate how his work has evolved through practice, study, and experimentation. As he says, "I want to help you save time by not making the same mistakes I did over the years."

Bergougroux then turns to gear talk as you follow him hike along the shore of beautiful Kvaloya Island in Northern Norway, and there's a list of the equipment he uses in the description beneath the video. As you'll see, he recommends carrying an array of essential equipment when shooting in the field.

You'll learn why you don't have to be in an exotic location like Kvaloya to capture beautiful imagery. More important is understanding how to choose and compose whatever you confront. He has some very helpful tips for arriving at a great composition—what Bergougroux calls his "most important advice.

There's also a discussion of using light in the most advantageous manner possible, and why it's important to carefully avoid "over-editing" your imagery if you really want to up your game.

You can find more helpful shooting and editing tips on Bergougroux' YouTube channel. And if you missed this morning's editing tutorial mentioned above, be sure to take a look.