6 Key Pieces of Camera Gear You NEED for Landscape Photography

A lot of budding landscape photographers, when they are first starting out, ask a common question. What photography gear is essential for capturing landscapes?

The short answer is that only one or two things are essential – a camera with some type of lens. There are, however, quite a few pieces of photo gear that will make your experience shooting landscapes much more fruitful.

In the below video, landscape pro Mark Denney highlights six pieces of gear he feels have improved his photography. And yes, gear does matter…to an extent.

"The debate that rages on with regards to whether or not 'gear matters,'" Denney says. "I believe has two correct answers: if you're looking to improve your photography as a whole, well I don't believe new gear will help you here, but if you have a specific problem with your photography that you're trying to solve, well this could be the scenario where a certain piece of equipment could help you out."

Watch below as he explains why each of these items has been critical to his landscape photography. And it's worth noting, that his discussion and demonstration of his picks for essential photo gear for landscapes begins at the 3:49-minute mark in the video.

#1 Camera Strap

#2 Circular Polarizer

#3 L-Bracket

#4 Sturdy Tripod

#5 High-Resolution Camera

#6 Two Lens Setup

"The list of gear covered in this video is always evolving and changing as I test and use new pieces of camera gear all the time, but as of now these are the things that have had the most dramatic effect on my landscape photography," Denney concludes.