5 Simple Tips to Get "Perfectly Focused" Landscape Photos (Mark Denney VIDEO)

If you're shooting landscape photos, one of the first things you want to ensure is that they're in focus. Even better is if you can nail "perfect focus" in your landscape shots.

In the below video, landscape photographer Mark Denney is here to help by offering "5 simple steps for perfectly focused landscape photos."

"Understanding how to focus and where to focus in order to get your entire scene perfectly sharp is arguably the most difficult aspect of landscape photography," Denney says. "How many times have you taken a photo and focused on the background only to find the foreground is out of focus, or focused on the foreground only to find that your background is now out of focus? That's the problem we'll solve today with these 5 super simple steps. I've heard focusing techniques and best practices explained many times, some are articulated very well, and others have left my heard spinning. I'm hoping this video will easily explain the multiple different focusing approaches that you can apply to your landscape photography."

According to Denney, the three focusing techniques discussed in his video "will solve the vast majority of all focusing situations you may encounter while on-location." However, he adds that there are specific situations that require a technique called 'Focus Stacking.' Here's a link to a video to show you how to do that.

"Regardless what type of photography you're into, the camera focus tips and settings discussed here can be applied to any genre of photography," Denney notes. "So, understanding how to get perfectly focused landscape photos will also enable you to do the same across various other types of photography as well."

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