5 Shortcuts that Will Immediately Improve Your Photography (VIDEO)

There are no shortcuts in life but what about in photography? Yes, it's important to spend time learning the fundamentals of photography but there are also many tips, tricks, and techniques that will improve your imaging results quickly.

And let's face it: none of us has a lot of time and we all want to take better pictures.

In the below video, professional photographer and photography teacher Mark Hemmings shares "5 photography shortcuts for taking it to the next level." Shot on location in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Hemmings demonstrates the following techniques:

#1 Keep It Simple

#2 Use Bursts

#3 Get Low for Portraits

#4 Repeating Elements

#5 Sharp Photos + Motion Blur

While these may seem like simple photography tips you may already know, it's always good to have a quick refresher course to remember the basics. Shortcuts only work if you use them!

Watch more of Hemmings' photography vides on his Photography Pro YouTube channel.