5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Canon 6D Mark II (Despite What Some Reviews Say)

The Canon 6D Mark II DSLR has received a fair share of criticism since it was launched last year. While we liked it, others did not, with one photography site boldly calling it “the worst camera of 2017.”

Mattias Burling has a bone to pick with some of those 6D Mark II reviews, saying he actually thinks it’s a great full frame camera. In the below video he gives his five reasons why you should seriously consider buying the 6D II, which he calls “a DSLR with mirrorless capabilities.”

“Few cameras have received more bashing than the Canon 6D Mark II,” he says. “Personally, I really enjoy it and can easily think of at least 5 good reasons why.”

Here they are but watch the video where he explains each point in-depth with excellent image examples.

#1 Entry Price Has Dropped

#2 Pro-Level Camera

#3 Canon Colors

#4 Great Autofocus

#5 Shooting in Live View

Burling admits that the 6D II is far from an exciting camera, but he says it gets the job done, and that’s why he likes it.

“Canon has a way of always getting things just right,” he says. “They won’t wow you with the latest gimmicks or features but what you get will be very solid.”

Lest you think Burling is some kind of Canon fanboy, he has given positive reviews to other “underrated” cameras from different brands, including the Nikon D700 from 2018, which he thinks is still a great full frame camera, and is available for a low price.

Check out more of his reviews on his fun YouTube channel.