5 Funny Things Boudoir Photographers Do (VIDEO)

Los Angeles-based photographer Michael Sasser is who we often turn to for great boudoir photography tutorials but now he's back with something a bit more humorous. In the below clip, Sasser shares five funny or "weird" things that boudoir photographers do during a shoot.

To come up with these five weird things boudoir photographers do when taking pictures, Sasser drew from his own experience and from the boudoir community in general.

"Big shoutout to all of the slightly weird boudoir photographers out there, this video was a super fun one to make," Sasser says. "Shoutout to my Facebook group for boudoir photographers, they helped me come up with some of the ideas for this. So, if you enjoy it, be sure to share it around with some other boudoir photographers who are also a tiny bit weird."

Below are the five funny/weird things boudoir photographers do, which Sasser demonstrates in a series of comical skits in the 5-minute video at the bottom of this post.

#1 Everything We Buy Needs to Be Photographed

#2 Every Client Gets a Cute Little Welcome Sign

#3 A Clean, Perfectly Made Bed Until It's Time to Take Pictures

#4 We Have Everything You Could Possibly Need for Your Boudoir Shoot

#5 We Are Always Looking for Cool Places to Shoot Boudoir

Check it out below and feel free to leave a comment below or on Shutterbug's Facebook page with more examples of funny things boudoir photographers do. If you're looking for additional boudoir photography tips, tricks and advice, visit the Boudoir Photography How To section on Shutterbug's website.