5 Fun Photo Hacks You Can Do with a Regular Umbrella

Here's a fun photo project you can try this weekend. Just grab a regular umbrella – we know you have one hiding in the closet somewhere – and follow along with COOPH's tutorial below titled "5 photo hacks with your umbrella."

"At COOPH, we love to take everyday objects you can find in your home and use them as a tool for creative photography," COOPH says. "In this video, we use the humble umbrella and show you 5 great tips to take epic photos. Check it out, and next time you’re out with your umbrella why not try out one of our ideas?"

Here are the five umbrella hacks demonstrated in the below video:

#1 Smoke Bombing

#2 DIY Light Source

#3 Control the Shadow

#4 Bouncing

#5 Overhead Patterns

Check it out and then try these photo tricks this weekend. You don't even need a rainy day! And don't forget to visit COOPH's YouTube channel for more fun photography videos.