3 Sensual Leg Poses in the Standing Position for Boudoir (VIDEO)

Last week, boudoir pro photographer Yuliya Panchenko shared with us three ways to pose legs in the lying position and now she’s back with three methods for posing legs in the standing position. So, to quote the great ZZ Top, you could say Panchenko has legs and she knows how to use them.

“In this video you will learn three ways to pose legs in a standing position for photography,” she explains. “These poses work for boudoir photography and elegant fashion photography. These standing leg poses also look great in lingerie, skirt, long dress, or even jeans or shorts.”

#1 Bent Knee Pose

“Number on is bending knee, crossing it over and pushing the hip all the way to the side,” Panchenko says while demonstrating. “When we bend our knee, we’re creating the triangle. We’re pointing our toes, which elongates our leg and makes it look really elegant. When we’re pushing the hip to the side, we’re highlighting the beautiful curve of our subject’s hip.”

#2 Crossing Legs Pose

“When we cross our legs, we bring one of the legs a little bit forward, pointing our toes. We are creating two triangles. By pointing toes, we elongate our leg. We’re making it look more elegant and we’re also pushing the hip to the side to highlight the beautiful curve of the hip.”

#3 Knee Away Pose

“Way number three is when we bend our knee and pushing it away. This position of legs works perfectly for editorial style of photography when you’re working with models. What happens here when we’re bending our knee and pushing it away, we are creating the beautiful triangle here, we’re keeping our toes pointy, elongating leg, and making it look elegant. And we’re positioning the other leg completely straight.”