3 Photography Mistakes You Need to STOP Immediately (VIDEO)

In photography, as we like to say, everybody makes mistakes. But how you adapt and overcome those mistakes is how you become a better photographer.

Pierre T. Lambert is a photographer who has discussed his mistakes before while also explaining how he overcame them. Now Lambert is back to discuss more of his errors of the photography way in the below video where he shares "the three photography mistakes to stop now!"

"I've been making mistakes or, at least, I'm reviewing what I've been shooting, how I've been shooting, and I always try to improve on my photography and the way I'm shooting," he explains. "If we want to progress, it's important to look back at our images and think how we're shooting and what we can improve in the future. So, I have three areas of improvement, three mistakes that I really want to keep working on."

Mistake #1: Don't Shoot Manual All the Time

"What happens is when you're in the field, there are times where you need to be very, very quick," Lambert notes. "And if you're stuck in manual, you just did a panning shot and you had a slow shutter speed, but something really cool comes in the frame and you need to shoot again, well, you will miss that shot."

Mistake #2: Rushing Too Much to Take the Shot

"You know my personality, I like to run, gun. I like to be everywhere, shoot everything at the same time. But there are times I really need to dial that down and refocus and take the time to take those photos."

Mistake #3: Not Communicating Enough with Your Model

"Interacting with people is key if you want to actually understand them and get different shots. It's cool to get those sniper shots where people do things, and you don't interact with them and it's genuine. But whenever you're able to talk to them, break that ice, and really discuss with them you can tap into a different layer for the photos."