13 Fun Questions to Test Your Knowledge of Film

To our younger readers, film is how we used to take pictures. We called them “photographs” and had to wait (a long time) to see how they turned out. To our not-so-young readers, here’s a quiz to test how much you remember. We also sneaked in a couple questions about current film products because after all, film is not dead. Ready?

1.  Of these, which film had the highest ASA rating? (ASA is the predecessor of ISO, sort of.)
A.  Panatomic-X
B.  Kodachrome 25
C.  Plus-X
D.  Tri-X

2.  Which of these was an early high-speed slide (transparency) film?
A.  GAF 500
B.  ASA 1600
C.  Kodalith Ortho
D.  Ilford FP4

3.  Which of the following was a slide (transparency) film?
A.  Ilford FP5
B.  Kodacolor-X
C.  Agfachrome
D.  Minolta 16

4.  Which camera brand originally used respooled leftover 35mm movie film?
A.  Miranda
B.  Kodak
C.  Leica
D.  Rolleiflex

5.  Instax, a popular instant print product from Fujifilm, sold about how many camera/printer units in 2016 worldwide?
A.  Nearly 1,000,000
B.  55,000
C.  6,600,000
D.  10,000,000

6.  A popular chemical used to develop Kodak Tri-X film was which of the following?
A.  D-76
B.  Dektol
C.  Selenium Sulfide
D.  Photo-Flo

7.  Which of the following was NOT a commonly available film format?
A.  220
B.  127
C.  828
D.  X15

8.  A good way to characterize Kodak Kodalith film is:
A.  Extreme high contrast
B.  Black and white infrared
C.  First film used in space by NASA
D.  Made popular in gothic movies

9.  The trademarked brand name “Advantix” describes which of the following?
A.  A dog flea & tick collar
B.  Kodak APS film
C.  Both A and B
D.  Neither A nor B

10.  Nitrocellulose was used to manufacture:
A.  Kodak Safety Film
B.  Kodak Nitro Pan film
C.  Agfachrome 100
D.  A dangerously flammable film that was short-lived and discontinued

11.  Disc film
A.  Took round pictures
B.  Was returned to the owner on a paper disc
C.  Was popular among professional photographers
D.  Kodak APS film

12. The first successful instant camera/film was invented by:
A.  George Eastman
B.  Edward Polar
C.  Edward Polaroid
D.  Edwin Land

13. Natura is a brand of color film that is:
A.  Distributed only in Japan
B.  Made from recycled PET bottles
C.  Is nutritious if properly prepared
D.  Commonly used in Kodak single-use cameras




Answers:  1D,  2A,  3C,  4C,  5C,  6A,  7D,  8A,  9C,  10D,  11B,  12D,  13A.

Photo at the top of this story: © Copyright Steven I. Rosenbaum

—Jon Sienkiewicz