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Carry Your Camera With A Hip Clip

The Hip Clip Lock-On Quick-Release is a camera belt carrying system for the active person who also likes photography. It consists of a 2" wide fabric belt, a receptor plate with a quick-release slot and a slide bar clip that screws into a camera or camcorder tripod socket. The slide bar clip easily slides into the belt plate and locks in place as shown here on a Canon EOS A2 SLR with a Sigma 70-300mm tele-zoom lens.

Individuals who hike, climb, bike, or are involved in any similar type of outdoor activity often like to have a camera along to record the event. Carrying a camera on a conventional neck strap is not practical because the weight of the camera causes it to swing about like a pendulum. This can be uncomfortable and can damage the camera. A small waist carrying case might be a practical solution, but removing the camera from it can be slow and slightly tedious, especially if you want to record a fleeting subject or view very quickly.

A new device offers a practical solution for the active person who enjoys photography. The Hip Clip Lock-On Quick-Release, consists of a 2" wide fabric belt, a receptor plate with a quick-release slot and a slide bar clip that screws into a camera or camcorder tripod socket. The belt portion consists of a strong steel plate which is securely fastened to a flexible plastic plate that is wide enough to prevent the camera from rubbing against your body. The slide bar clip affixed to your camera or camcorder will easily slide into the belt plate and lock in place. Unlike some other devices I saw a few years ago, this slide bar clip slides in and out without the aid of a separate locking or release device. Thus it is much easier to use without having to fumble about to locate the release.

It is recommended that the camera or camcorder lens be pointed down toward the ground, so it is a simple matter to fasten the removable clip to the standard 1/4-20 tripod socket to be positioned properly. A rubber plate fits snugly to the camera base to assure that the clip will stay securely in position once the screw is inserted and locked into the tripod socket. The rounded part of the clip should face the lens in order to orient the clip properly. Once it is attached, you simply slide the knob into the plate socket, then push down to snap it into place. Now the camera is securely latched in place and comfortably secured to your side, ready to be pulled back up when needed. Although there is no separate lock mechanism, the clip snaps into a notch and stays in place with spring pressure until you pull upward to remove the camera.

I found the Hip Clip quite comfortable to wear. I tried it out at home while moving up and down stairs at least a dozen times in a normal afternoon. I also used it when I walked our dog so both of us could get some additional exercise. I did find the camera's neck strap got in the way, so it either had to be removed or wrapped around the camera then held in place with a rubber band.

I tried the Hip Clip with a Canon EOS A2 SLR camera with a Sigma 70-300mm mid range zoom lens attached or with a Panasonic VHSC camcorder and it held these rather bulky units quite securely. The camera stayed in position with the lens down. There was no tendency for the camera to loosen itself unless you purposely removed it from the waist plate. The wide plastic plate under the receptor plate is flexible so you don't feel any pressure from it while you move. The belt is infinitely adjustable in length and the quick-release buckle snaps shut and unfastens easily when you want to put it on. Everything seems to be well made thus it should be suitable for lengthy use with little wear.

For the active person who always wants a camera conveniently ready to capture those elusive shots that always occur when you are in the field away from your equipment, this could be just the solution you are looking for.

The Hip Clip Lock-On Quick Release is made by Product Inno-vations, 4869 S Bradley Rd. No. 178, Santa Maria, CA 93455; (800) 959-2547 (CA residents only); fax: (805) 934-2257.