Want EPIC Landscape Photos? Avoid These 7 Mistakes (VIDEO)

“To do or NOT to do?” That’s today’s question, as one of Shutterbug readers’ favorite instructors reveals “seven beginner mistakes that every landscape photographer should avoid.”

Unlike most of the tutorials we post that discuss what you should do to capture better images, this one from Romanian pro Toma Bonciu takes the opposite approach by revealing common errors that can ruin a beautiful scene. In just seven minutes you’ll pick up valuable tips on preparation, gear, composition, and more.

Bonciu’s first tip is one that we’ve mentioned before, but it definitely bears repeating before you venture out in the field: Be sure to check the weather forecast. A poor forecast doesn’t necessarily mean staying home when conditions are challenging, but rather it can help you decide the appropriate equipment and apparel to bring.

Another common preparation mistake is a failure to consider the optimum time of day for best light. Despite conventional wisdom that shooting at sunrise and sunset delivers the best possible images, other times can be preferable depending upon your destination. And on a related note Bonciu stresses the importance of researching your intended location.

Bonciu moves on to a discussion of the right lenses and accessories to pack—based upon your thoughtful research and preparation. When it comes to shooting mistakes, “not paying attention to the foreground of your scene” can seriously limit the impact of your results.

Bonciu wraps up the episode with more composition mistakes to avoid, and the importance of carrying and using a tripod properly. And he urges you to “take your time” while setting up the shot.

There’s much more to learn about other forms of outdoor photography on Bonciu’s popular YouTube channel, so head over there after watching this video and learn more.

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