Use Photoshop’s MAGICAL New Object Finder for Fast Auto Selections (VIDEO)

According to the calendar it’s still 2021, but Adobe just released Photoshop 2022 and it includes a bunch of really cool new features. As you’ll see in today’s quick tutorial, one of the most interesting and easy-to-use tools will instantly and automatically make precise selections.

In just four-minutes, image-editing expert Colin Smith showcases the new Object Finder Tool in Photoshop 2022, and demonstrates how it works. As he explains, this amazing feature enables you to remove backgrounds, cut out objects, and isolate specific areas within a scene—all without doing any work.

While Smith isn’t given to hyperbole, he says Photoshop’s new Object Finder is nothing short of “magical.” All you have to do is go to the Object Finder at the top of the screen. Then, as Smith warns, “get ready to have your mind blown.”

The first thing you’ll notice is a small rotating wheel as Photoshop searches for all of the objects in your photo. And it finds them very quickly. Then, as you roll over your photograph, all of the objects are highlighted in blue. Crazy, right?

To select one or more of the highlighted objects, simply click on them and it’s done. This timesaving tool includes several helpful options, including a way to immediately display all of the objects in your image at once. There’s also an option for selecting objects within objects, auto refreshing the screen as Photoshop detects more objects, and much more.

The fact that Smith can demonstrate everything you need to know about this powerful tool in just four minutes is a testament to how simple and effective it is to use.

Be sure to head over to Smith's YouTube channel after watching the video, where you’ll find more tips and tricks. And then check out another Photoshop tutorial we posted recently, explaining how to use the hidden Apply Image Tool for easy exposure blending.