Take a Humorous Look at the Best and Worst Photo Gear of This Year (VIDEO)

It’s that time of year again, when our friends at TheCameraStoreTV knock back a few drinks and reveal what they consider the “Best & Worst Photo/Video Gear of the Year.” If you saw our post from 2016, you know that these annual “awards” are informative and hilarious.

Be advised that Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake made two significant modifications to the methodology for making their 2017 selections: First, this year’s beverage of choice is gin and tonic (with a slice of cucumber), instead of beer. They’ve also invited a few friends to join the insanity and offer gear picks of their own.

These best-and-worst choices cover a range of categories from still and video cameras to lenses and accessories. You’ll have to listen carefully to the audio, because for some odd reason, the speech becomes sort of slurred as the video progresses. We sincerely wish that all of you own more of the winners than losers.

Both Niccolls and Drake work at The Camera Store, a large photo retailer in Calgary, and you may have seen the story we posted Monday about the burglary that occurred at the shop on December 16. We’re pleased to report that, thanks to tips from the public and some sharp undercover police work, two suspects were arrested shortly after our story was posted.

You can find more interesting, and typically sober, videos on TheCameraStoreTV YouTube channel.