Photographer Uses GoPro to Demonstrate the Collodion Process Invented in 1851 (VIDEO)

Here’s a fascinating video by French photographer Nède Nède who used a chest-mounted GoPro Hero4 Black to demonstrate the early collodion process invented by Englishman Frederick Scott in 1851. The technique involved adding soluble iodide to a solution of cellulose nitrate and coating a glass plate with the mixture.

Also known as “collodion wet plate process,” this rather complicated technique requires the photographic material to be exposed, sensitized, coated and developed within about 15 minutes. As you can see in the video below, Nède set up his portable darkroom outdoors under full sun. The collodion process gave way to gelatin dry plates in the 1880s.

For the video, Nède employed a Chamonix 8x10 camera in addition to his GoPro. You can see more of Nède’s work on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.