Phase One Launches 100MP A-Series IQ Medium Format Camera System with Throwback Alpa Body

Phase One pushed its rustically modern A-series medium format camera system into the stratosphere yesterday with a new 100-megapixel model. Called the A-series IQ3 100MP, Phase One worked in collaboration with Alpa to create this new camera system. 

The Phase One A-series combines the Danish manufacturer’s current medium format digital camera backs with a Travel Compact body from Alpa and a Rodenstock lens for a throwback look loaded with cutting edge tech. The A-series IQ3 100MP joins the existing Phase One A-series models (the A-series IQ3 50MP, IQ3 60MP and IQ3 80MP), offering integration with the Alpa platform and compatibility with the Phase One XF camera system.

Based upon the Alpa 12TC mirrorless camera body, all specially calibrated Phase One medium format IQ3 A-series digital backs come with the 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens. Two optional lenses are also available, including the ultra-wide 23mm, and the 70mm, Alpa HR Alpagon—both offer sharpness and the ability to resolve full frame medium format sensors.

The XF Camera System introduced the OneTouch UI and the A-series IQ3 100MP Camera System features this technology by offering the same retina touch screen display and interaction. Select your lens with a touch of the screen, show high-quality image previews, zoom to 100 percent and check focus with a tap, in a 3.2-inch display.

Exclusive to the Phase One A-series system are factory configured in-camera lens calibrations (FLC), making the need to create and apply colorcast correction profiles (LCCs) optional—just attach an A-series lens and start shooting.

Phase One's A-series IQ3 100MP is shipping now. The A-series IQ3 100MP camera system comes with Phase One’s 5-year warranty and uptime guarantee that includes personalized 24/7 support and assistance. The suggested retail price of the Phase One A-series IQ3 100MP Camera System (with Rodenstock Alpar 35mm lens) is $56,000.

More info on the Phase One A-series IQ3 100MP Camera System, here

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