Output Options; Show ’Em And Share ’Em; 10 Tips For Digital Slide Shows

Setting your images to music and adding transitions has always been a popular way to share digital photos, and with the latest crop of software, the options are better and easier than ever. You have the options included with your operating system--iPhoto for Mac users and Photo Story for Windows users. Both can create basic slide shows from your images, along with music, which you can then burn to a CD or DVD, or share online.


When you're ready to go beyond the basics it's time to look into some of the commercial products that are available. In the class I teach at BetterPhoto.com, I've selected ProShow Gold (www.photodex.com) for Windows users (#1) and FotoMagico (www.boinx.com) for the Macintosh platform (#2). Both of these programs offer a number of advanced features to let you take your shows to the next level. And, if you're a pro, or you're just aspiring to be a pro, they give you more protection for your images and output options that you'll find useful when working with clients.


A common topic with many of my students is how to best present their images. Whether you're planning on sharing your shows online, burning a DVD for display on your computer or television, there are some easy guidelines to help you put your best image forward.