DIY Project: How to Make Your Own Photo/Video Editing Hub (VIDEO)

This smart video below from DSLR Video Shooter easily walks viewers through the process of how to build a card reader/hard drive RAID enclosure, or editing hub, for working on (and storing) your photos and videos.

The host in the clever clip explains that he needed some card readers to quickly import a large number of files paired with a fast drive to help him edit images and videos. While the store bought item he had originally chosen did the job, it didn’t really fit his needs well enough. So, not being able to find exactly what he wanted, he decided to build his own instead.

The DIY box he created—named the Editor’s Hub Mark I—features three SD card slots and two drives in a wooden housing with one USB cable and a power cord.

For this handy DIY project you’ll need:

• A USB 3.0 Hub with 12v power

• Three USB 3.0 SD Card Readers

• Two 2.5-inch Hard Drives

• Two USB 3.0 to SATA Adapters

• One or two 12v fans

• A flexible cord organizer grommet

• A power button or switch

• Fiber optic clear rods

• Enough wood and a few screws to make the body of the box

Simply gather the materials and follow along with the video and you’ll soon have a EH Mark I of your own.

(Via ISO 1200)