IGNORE These Common Photography MYTHS Now (VIDEO)

Many of us received a lot of advice when first getting started in photography, as is common whenever one embraces a new pursuit. And much of what we were told was based on conventional wisdom that’s been around for years.

The problem is that some of the “rules” we learned may have been conventional, but it turns out they were anything representing wisdom. The tutorial below is intended to help you separate fact from fiction and get rid of the worthless bunk.

Simon d’Entremont is a Canadian nature and wildlife photographer with strong opinions on on this matter—based upon his many years of experience. If you’re unsure about the veracity of advice you received as a beginner, this episode will eliminate any confusion in just 12 minutes.

Simon isn’t exactly what you’d call a naysayer, and he has an open mind. So while debunking what he considers myths he also reinforces other bits of conventional wisdom that he finds “truish” or worthwhile. He also admits his views are subjective, noting that one person’s myth may be a useful axiom for someone else.

Be sure to watch until the end where Simon reveals a myth that held him back for years, explaining that once he dispelled it his imagery improved significantly. The first myth Simon explains is something you’ve likely heard before; namely, “good photographers must have a good camera.”

Simon’s aversion to this rule is probably not what you expect, as his view is that “good photographers need good lenses.” A high-end camera certainly doesn’t hurt, but if you have limited funds Simon says great glass should take precedence over investing in a new camera.

Another rule Simon rejects is to always compose photos using the Rule of Thirds. This is one he considers “truish,” but only under certain circumstances. He also explains why some accessories are really nothing more than dead weight. Perhaps his biggest pet peeve is the oft-repeated notion the “real photographers shoot in Manual.”

The above is only a taste of what you’ll see in this interesting video, some of which will help you avoid wasting hard earned cash. You can find more helpful advice by paying a visit to Simon’s popular YouTube channel.

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