Here Are 5 Things You Should Do If You’re Getting into Boudoir Photography Today (VIDEO)

Michael Sasser is a Los Angeles-based boudoir photographer known for the sexy but sophisticated style of his imagery. But things weren’t always so established for Sasser.

Just like every photographer, he started from the bottom and learned some valuable lessons along the way up. In the below video, Sasser shares the five things he would change if he started shooting boudoir today.

“Someone asked me recently what I would do differently if I started my boudoir business over from the very beginning,” Sasser says. “Before I had a website or had shot my first session as a beginner photographer, what would I recommend as a place to start? Shoot a lot, get a solid boudoir brand, get some boudoir albums as samples to show your clients, spend some money on education, don't waste your money on too much gear, figure out your why and figure out how you market best and double down on it!”

Here are the five tips Sasser discusses in the below video:

#1 Set Up Photo Shoots (As Many as You Can)

#2 Don’t Go Broke on Gear (One camera, One lens)

#3 The First Thing You Should Buy (Logo/Branding – Sample Albums – Education)

#4 What Accelerated Business Growth (Specialize – Masterminds Group – Find Your Way)

#5 The Best Way to Market (Double Down on Your Strengths)

Check out more great boudoir videos from Sasser on his YouTube channel. Learn more about him and see his photography on his website.

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