Here’s How to Make Yourself a Sturdy PVC Light Stand for Less Than the Cost of a Lens Cap

DIY projects are a fun way to make your own gear and save major bucks in the process, and the video below shows you how to construct a sturdy light stand for less than $5 worth of PVC pipe. If you really want to go “pro,” you can drop another $2 on a cheap PVC cutter.

The project comes from the ingenious folks at The Frugal Filmmaker, and walks you through the simple procedure of cutting the pipe into the sizes you need and putting the stand together. Unlike more expensive commercial light stands, this one can be quickly disassembled and reassembled in seconds for travel.

You can see more DIY projects on The Frugal Filmmaker YouTube channel. And be sure to look at an earlier project we posted explaining how to make a cheap tabletop “photo studio” for macro and product photography.