Headshot Photography Tips: How to Shoot Pro Portraits of Actors and Models

Headshots are a type of portrait photo that actors and models use to help them find work. In many ways, a good headshot is the ultimate calling card. A bad headshot, on the other hand, could mean you don't even get your foot in the door.

That's why good headshot photographers are in such demand these days. In the below video, Orlando, Florida-based professional photographer Yuliya Panchenko shares her tips on how to capture an eye-catching headshot for actors and models.

"The importance of professional headshots for actors is tremendous," Panchenko says. "It's a great marketing tool for actors and it might be even the only marketing tool for those who are just getting into the industry."

In the video, Panchenko enlists the help of actor Steven Tye to demonstrate headshot photography tips and tricks.

"If you want to get into acting you have to have a decent headshot, there's no way around it," he says. "For the longest time, I would be like, 'Well, my buddy will do it for 20 bucks, and he has a Canon' and he'd take it in an alley somewhere and that got me by for a little while. But spend the money, spend a couple hundred bucks, get a good photographer and get some professional headshots. You have to have them."

Check out the tutorial below on "How to Do Headshots for Actors and Models" and then go visit Panchenko's channel for more photography tips, tricks and tutorials.