GREAT Photos with CHEAP Vintage Lenses on Digital Cameras: Here’s How (VIDEO)

More and more photographers are using vintage glass on modern digital cameras and saving a lot of money in the process. That’s because there are inexpensive adapters available that permit you to mount 35mm lenses on just about any mirrorless camera you own.

Not only can adapters be found for less than $20, but vintage lenses are also a bargain when compared to their modern counterparts. These legacy lenses often feature more robust all-metal construction as compared to today’s plastic lenses, and they often deliver a unique look. Of particular appeal are the fast primes lenses from yesteryear.

Photographer Mark Holtze is also an accomplished instructor, and in this episode he provides five helpful tips for getting the best results from vintage lenses with modern cameras. Of course you’ll have to focus manually, and some (or all) automated features may be disabled depending upon the camera/lens/adapter combination in use.

If you just recently made the switch to mirrorless, and own a bunch of legacy glass, picking up an adapter or two is a no brainer. But even mirrorless shooters who don’t own old lenses should seriously consider this option.

In the six-minute video below, Holtze proves five helpful tips for making the most of legacy lenses. He explains that there is a wide array of adapters for mounting just about any old lens on whatever mirrorless camera you own. In the description beneath the video he provides a comprehensive list with links for most lens/camera combinations.

It’s important to make an informed decision, and Holtze’s tips include everything from researching a lens before making a purchase, to doing a bit of testing once you receive your new/old lens. Before going out to shoot, Holtze recommends familiarizing yourself with a new vintage lens to understand which direction the focusing ring turns, if the lens permits half-stop or full-stop aperture settings, and how to read the depth-of-field engravings.

Holtze also provides helpful shooting tips for achieving optimum results. After watching the video it’s time to make the round at local thrift shops and garage sales, and see what you can find on eBay. You may be pleasantly surprised.

There are more helpful tips on Holtze’s YouTube channel, so be sure and take a look.