Follow These Easy Step-By-Step Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photos Dramatically (VIDEO)

Good landscape composition is one of the easiest things to understand but, perhaps, one of the most difficult things to explain in photography. It's like that old saying: "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like."

Or, to paraphrase: "I know a good landscape photo when I see one."

That's why we appreciate the below tutorial from landscape pro Mark Denney who shows you how to create powerful landscape compositions with an "easy on-location workflow." In other words, Denny's composition tips are not theoretical concepts from a dusty old textbook; it's practical real-world advice you can use out in the field.

"I think we're all familiar with many of the top tips and best practices when it comes to creating compelling landscape compositions, things like the use of foreground elements, leading lines, and layers to create depth, but putting these techniques into practice and actually being able to apply them effectively while on-location is a completely different story," he explains.

"When I first got started in landscape photography I consumed as much information as I could on improving my landscape compositions, but I rarely practiced implementing the things I learned while on-location in a real-world scenario."

In the video below he shows you how.

"Understanding how to effectively apply many of the best compositional techniques is of the utmost importance and perhaps the most difficult aspect of the learning process as simply knowing is only half the battle," Denny notes. "I hope the on-location workflow in this video helps you with a highly repeatable and simple on-location workflow that will improve your landscape photography compositions as much as it did mine.'

Check it out and then make sure to subscribe to Denney's channel, which is one of the best about photography on YouTube.