The Best FREE Adobe Software Alternatives for Photographers in 2023 (VIDEO)

Adobe has long been the go-to source of software for photographers, designers, web experts, art directors, and other other creatives. Their offerings include Photoshop Lightroom, and Express, as well as Illustrator, Premiere Pro InDesign, and several others.

But what if you're on a budget and don't want to purchase editing software or pay for monthly subscriptions than can really add up? The video below from the popular Brett in Tech YouTube channel reveals 10 no-cost options that may effectively serve your needs.

Instructor Brett Bristow evaluates  a variety of free choices for just about anyone who relies on Adobe software to pursue their interests, whether they're pros or enthusiasts. We're going to mention them out of order so we can concentrate on software for photographers with various needs.

Most of Bristow's recommendations are available for both Mac and PC users, and when it comes to free Photoshop alternatives his top pick is the professional-quality software known as Gimp. He says this quality cross-platform image editor "is packed with so many features  that you won't likely miss using Photoshop."

Bristow notes that Gimp includes the ability to work with layers, boasts a ton of filters and effects, numerous drawing tools, and supports most file formats. Another option is Photopea, an online photo editor that works with any web browser. This choice is popular with some users because its layout more closely resembles Photoshop.

When it comes to free Lightroom alternatives, Bristow has two choices as well. The first is the open-source Raw Therappe. As the name suggests, this software supports working with Raw image files, along with most other image formats. The interface has been improved recently and allows for non-destructive editing so re-dos are always possible if need be.

Another excellent fee Lightroom alternative is Dark Table. This open-source package supports Raw files and other formats, as well as non-destructive editing. Bristow offers limited details while offering his picks, so we suggest visiting the makers' websites to learn which option is best for you. Your wallet will appreciate the effort.

There are several more free recommendations for creatives that do more than photography. So if you're an artist, web designer, or create printed materials like brochures, annual reports, packaging or logos, there are a variety of money-saving tips for you too.

After watching this video head over the Bristow's popular YouTube channel where you'll discover much more of interest.

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