8 MISTAKES Beginner Photographers Make that Could RUIN Their Landscape Photos

Some photography mistakes can be minor, but others can have a major impact on the quality of your images. And it's important that beginner photographers learn early on what to remember and what to forget, particularly when it comes to landscape photography.

In the below video, landscape pro Mark Denney provides some guidance while explaining "eight beginner landscape photography mistakes that'll hurt you most."

"I talk about mistakes rather often on my channel for two very important reasons," Denney says. "The first is because I'm not afraid to admit that I'm human and I make mistakes. I'm not the world's best landscape photographer - far from it in fact, but I am a better photographer this year than I was last year, and I am better today than I was yesterday. The second reason is because I don't believe there's a better learning opportunity that exists today than that of making mistakes - understanding what not to do is just as important as understanding what to do."

In the tutorial, Denney walks you through eight mistakes he made when he was a beginner that he says ended up teaching him the most about landscape photography.

Mistake #8: Always Landscape

Mistake #7: Disjointed Compositions

Mistake #6: Shooting from the Eye

Mistake #5: Low Shutter Count

Mistake #4: Exclusionary Art

Mistake #3: Bad Timing

Mistake #2: What am I looking at?

Mistake #1: Gear Matters

"I committed many of these mistakes over and over for the first few years and I hope some of these mistakes will resonate with you, so you'll be able to correct them much quicker than I did," he notes. "I believe if I could have solved for many of these mistakes much sooner than my rate of improvement would have been drastically increased when I was a beginner."

Check the video out below and then go visit Denney's channel for more excellent landscape photography advice.