7 Easy Photography Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier (Mads Peter Iverson Video)

Landscape photographer Mads Peter Iverson has been doing photography for about seven years now, and to mark this anniversary he has decided to share seven easy photography tips he wishes he had known when he started. According to Iverson, these sage bits of photo advice would have saved him a lot of time, and allowed him to shoot better images earlier in his career.

"In this video, I share some tips and thoughts I've learned while doing photography," Iverson says. "As my friend and colleague, Nigel Danson has already shared his seven tips he wishes he knew earlier, now I'll share my own seven tips. I hope you learn something and don't do the mistakes I did. This video is aimed at beginners, but advanced photographers might be able to take one or two tips out of the video for making better photos."

Here are the seven essential photography tips Iverson explains in the video with, as usual, a collection of his gorgeous landscape photos:

1. No Perfect Settings

2. Problem Solving

3. Composition Is Not a Frame

4. Careful of Formulaic Composition

5. You Decide!

6. You Can't Do It on Your Own

7. Bad Weather Is Good Weather

If you're interested in finding out what fellow landscape photographer Nigel Danson has learned over the years, check out his video with seven photography tips he wishes he had known earlier. Then go visit Iverson's YouTube channel for more helpful landscape photography videos.