5 Things Every Photographer Should Know When They Start Shooting Video

If you’re like most photographers, you’ve probably started dabbling in shooting video. Even though most digital cameras (and phones) can shoot HD (and more), there’s still a learning curve for those moving from capturing stills to video.

Pierre T. Lambert understands. He’s a photographer who, not long ago, was intimidated about shooting video but now runs a popular YouTube channel where he shoots, edits and stars in all of his video content. That’s why he’s the perfect photographer to explain the basics to those transitioning to video.

In the below tutorial titled “5 Mistakes Photographers Make When They Begin Video (I made those)”, Lambert covers all the basics including how to set the white balance in video, what shutter speed to use, what frame rate to pick, and more.

“It’s all about learning video from the mistakes I made as a photographer,” he says. Here are the 5 video tips he explains in the below clip:

#1 Shutter Speed Mistakes

#2 Not Setting White Balance Manually

#3 Having Shaky Footage

#4 Autofocus Going Wild

#5 Wrong Exposure

Bonus Tip: Photographer’s Eye

Watch more great videos on Lambert’s YouTube channel and check out his upcoming 30-Day Adventure to Great Photos comprehensive photography training plan.