5 Secrets You MUST Know to Improve as a Landscape Photographer

There are no shortcuts to improving as a landscape photographer but knowing a few simple things certainly helps. And in the below video from landscape photographer Mads Peter Iversen, he shares five "secrets" he says you must know if you want to get better at shooting landscapes.

"Here I share five 'secrets' that you must know or be aware of to improve as a landscape photographer," Iversen says. "I have experienced these secrets myself and, in this video, I'm sharing them with you. These are not easy 'tips' and will require some brainpower from you, so I hope you are up for actually working for it. Fact is, it takes time to improve as a landscape photographer but if you are conscious about what you are doing it'll greatly help. These secrets are things I don't hear many other landscape photographers talk about, but it is absolutely crucial to know of them if you want to improve as a landscape photographer. So, obviously, these secrets are not really secrets. It's more like experiences and observations I have done myself as a landscape photographer. If they were secrets, I wouldn't share them with you."

Here are the five "secrets" that Iversen shares in the below tutorial:

#1 Expectations vs Artistic Growth

#2 Theory vs Practice

#3 Find the Best Spots for You

#4 How to Get Traction on Instagram

#5 Gear Matters (But Not in the Way You Think)

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