4 Fantastic Do-It-Yourself Macro Photography Tips for Shooting Creative Images of Water (VIDEO)

Here’s a fun tutorial that’s guaranteed to give you a creativity boost in under four minutes, with four DIY macro photography tips on shooting eye-popping images of water. Austrian pro Leo Rosas teamed up with our friends at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) to come up with these cool ideas.

Rosas specializes in action sports, portraiture, and lifestyle photography for both commercial and editorial use. He says he believes in the power of visual communication, and he’s as adept at concept development as he is at capturing the shot.

In this quick tutorial, Rosas flaunts his creative skills by demonstrating how to use a macro lens to make dynamic images of water. And best yet, you can accomplish these simple tricks without any special gear.

He illustrates how to capture falling water droplets before, during and after impact, and how covering your flash with a colorful piece of translucent plastic can really add a WOW factor to the shots. There’s a portrait tip on shooting a model through a wet sheet of glass, a trick for photographing oil in water, and a couple more unique effects.

After watching this video, be sure to look at another Rosas tutorial we posted, explaining how to avoid feeling nervous when photographing a model for the first time.