Walk On the Wild Side: Kelly Lund Captures His Adorable Adventures with His Wolfdog Loki

All photos of Loki ©Kelly Lund. All photos of Lund and Loki ©Jessie Williams.

A recent Internet sensation, this series of heart-warming images expertly captures the many outdoor adventures of photographer Kelly Lund and his best friend, a playful wolf-dog hybrid named Loki. This duo has done it all, from hiking through the woods to climbing rugged mountains.

Kelly and Loki have been the perfect team for a number of years and in this interview learn how it all began and how their photos have spread like wildfire across the web.

Shutterbug: Please give us some background on your outdoor career.

Lund: I am the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator for the City of Denver. Growing up, my parents actually owned a campground. I was raised on the property. We also did a lot of traveling around the country as a family. So not much has changed since then.

Shutterbug: When did you start bringing Loki along on your adventures?

Lund: Loki started backcountry snowboarding with me when he was four months old. I was surprised how well he kept up and wished I had brought him out earlier.

Shutterbug: I see Loki is on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. How did you get the idea to share your experiences and how many fans does Loki have?

Lund: Loki started filling up my own social pages early on in our relationship. My friends encouraged me to start his own Instagram and it took off really quickly. Loki currently has 837,000 followers on Instagram, and his YouTube video hit a million views after being posted for two weeks.

Shutterbug: The wilderness can be dangerous at times. Have you and Loki ever had a close call?

Lund: Yes, I have. Backcountry skiing in 2014, I suffered a severe injury. I was knocked unconscious and suffered internal bruising. We were alone at the time, and when I woke up Loki was beside me, whimpering.

Shutterbug: What kind of photo gear do you use?

Lund: I use a Sony a6000, about a half a dozen GoPros, and an iPhone 6.

Shutterbug: How many places have you visited together and what was your favorite trip with Loki?

Lund: Countless, a sunrise summit while backcountry skiing. We hiked up the mountain while it was still dark. At the summit, we were at an elevation of about 11,000 feet. It was below zero degrees Fahrenheit, and Loki didn’t seem to mind. The entire sky and snow turned bright pink. It was silent. We waited for the sunrise to pass, then took off skiing/running down the mountain.

Shutterbug: What other adventures are you and Loki looking forward to?

Lund: Currently, I'm really excited for the Aspen trees to change colors here in Colorado.

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