Shutterbug Photo of the Day: “Bald Eagle Launch” by Scott E. Zimmermann

Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day by Scott E. Zimmermann is an epic eagle launch for the ages.

“As a birder and bird photographer, I still get chills when I get to see a Bald Eagle,” Zimmermann writes. “They are absolutely majestic and much more grand than I first imagined. This Bald Eagle's nest is perhaps the most visible and accessible nest I have ever seen. Currently, there is a pair of eagles inhabiting the nest and getting very close to mating (if they haven't already - she may actually be on eggs in this photo). On this day, he was flying in and out with nesting material, putting the final touches on the family home before the babies arrive. I was lucky enough to be ready when he decided to fly directly at me."

This photo was taken with a Canon 70D at 600mm, f/6.3, ISO 1000 and 1/400th sec.

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