The SECRET to Photographing Panoramas without a Tripod at Night (VIDEO)

Tripods are big help with capturing sharp landscapes, cityscapes, and panoramas particularly when you're photographing at night. But what do you do in the cases where you can't use a tripod or simply left it behind?

In the below video, landscape pro Serge Ramelli shares his secrets to capturing panoramas without a tripod at night. In the tutorial, he goes into detail as to which camera settings to use to shoot a sharp panorama when tripods are not allowed.

"In this video I want to reveal all the secrets and all the trick to get an amazing panorama like this without a tripod," Ramelli says. "This was shot by hand without a tripod and it's gallery quality."

He captured his night panorama on top of a building in Paris that has a gorgeous view of the Pont Neuf bridge extending all the way to the Eiffel Tower. The catch? Tripods are not allowed at that location.

"I wanted to shoot in the good light. So, I went up there, got a coffee, took out my Fuji GFX 100S, which is a stabilized camera and let me show you the settings that I did. I'm always shooting for the lowest ISO possible, but I wanted to get the blue hour and it was getting really dark."

So how was Ramelli able to get a sharp panorama with low noise in these tough conditions without a tripod? You'll have to watch the 13-minute video below to find out everything he did to capture this challenging yet deceptively simple night cityscape.