Remembering Canon Icon Chuck Westfall, 1952-2018

© Harris Fogel

The Imaging Industry has lost an authentic legend with the passing of Chuck Westfall on March 16, 2018 after a heroic 7-year battle with kidney cancer. Chuck was one of the most brilliant and knowledgeable techs in the business, and one of Canon’s most effective press outreach and media spokesmen for over 35 years. He has been interviewed by Shutterbug numerous times over the years. Chuck was also one of few Americans competent to provide manufacturers with granular input on digital camera design, and he had an uncanny ability to answer the most challenging technical questions off the top of his head.

But what really set Chuck Westfall apart was who he was as a person, an uncommonly kind, generous, and caring man whose life was dedicated to service. In his charmingly soft-spoken way, he served his company, his loving family, and anyone that came into his life with the very best he had to offer. And he was always there to help. Despite the many challenges he faced it is a testament to his transcendent spirit that he remained steadfastly upbeat and never wavered in his heartfelt dedication to serving others.  

Chuck Westfall earned a degree in Professional Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology and accumulated valuable on-the-job experience during a 10-year stint in commercial photography and photo retail. He began his corporate career, joining Canon U.S.A. in 1982 as a Technical Representative, and he advanced through the ranks to achieve his last position as Technical Advisor, Information Technology Communications Group, Canon USA. Chuck's involvement with digital cameras began in 1994, when he assisted Canon and Kodak engineers in developing the EOS-DCS series of professional DSLRs.

Going forward, Chuck’s responsibilities expanded, and he helped to develop and launch many other Consumer Imaging Group products including Canon's professional and consumer-oriented digital cameras, and content for online and on-site consumer education projects in Canon USA's Professional Products Engineering & Solutions Division. Chuck Westfall is survived by his lovely wife Ying, and their vivacious young daughter Anna currently a high school sophomore.

A YouCaring funding account has been set up for Anna’s college education with any remainder to be allocated toward higher education scholarships for other deserving students. There are also plans to set up a Chuck Westfall Lifetime Achievement Award for Technical Spirit & Excellence.

petersonjh's picture

A few days ago I learned that Chuck Westfall passed away. I'm devastated. More than anyone else, for photographers, he was the face of Canon USA.
His family and friend held a wonderfully moving service for Chuck, only fitting for a guy as real and generous as they get. If you ever met him, or even just conversed, it was most apparent.
For, not only was he incredibly knowledgeable, he made you feel good and, no matter show stupid your question was, you were always a lot smarter around him.
He was the best and will be sorely missed.

jcable12's picture

Losing Chuck goes beyond words. It isn't only a loss to all of us Canon users and fans, but the company, his family, his friends and so many others. He will truly be missed by us all!!!

Jeff Cable